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Spamalot Translation Services has only been online since March 2009.  Help Spamalot stay in the big search engine ranks and add a few more.  You may submit your links to and we will reciprocate.  A big help are smaller and specialized directories as resources for add-free sites like this one.  Spamalot calls such sites organic, what the original thought was once upon a time...

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All of Spamalot's work is done via the internet, maybe so is yours. It doesn't matter where you are, or what our time-zone is, sometimes it is wise to think and act local, especially when finding business services and communities for your client needs and for your administrative purposes. The following links provide orientation to our specific communities and offer services for small and big business:


Conveyancing London
If you are looking for posts about notary public London and conveyancing London then you are in the right place.

Cash Advance Payday Loan
Wherever you are, you're always going to need funding... find loans in this directory: Easy approval for cash -no faxing required. Urgent payday cash access $1500 and more.

Commercial Loan
Or try this directory for real estate loans: Get a commercial real estate loan for the growth and development of the company at lowest rates.

Panama Lawyers
Panama lawyers Abogados De Gracia, Jaén & Asociados is a law firm providing a wide range of general legal services to both nationals and foreigners.

Toronto logo design
Affordable full service Toronto based logo design, SEO company and web development company.

Istock promo code
Need images for your website, go here, there are many to choose from.

Magento Enterprise
Folk Digital Limited offers web applications built-in Magento Enterprise Edition, which is a powerful and flexible e-Commerce solution. Their web designing services are user friendly and cost-effective.

Personal Injury Lawyers New Jersey, USA
Leading Philadelphia, PA & New Jersey Law Firm for cases related to personal injury, accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and many more practice areas.

Phoenix DUI lawyer
When you need a Phoenix DUI lawyer contact Weintraub & Weintraub at in Phoenix.

Find Family Lawyer in New Orleans
Get representation from experienced Divorce Lawyer or Divorce Attorney to for Family Law cases in New Orleans at
Our experienced lawyers/attorneys in New Orleans, Mandeville, Covington and Houma will handle all aspects of your workers' compensation claim.

Criminal Attorney New Orleans
Have a pending criminal case and wondering what to do? Come to the criminal attorney in New Orleans! Call them at (504) 571-9529 and get help in solving   the case.

New Orleans Immigration Lawyer
Looking for a New Orleans immigration lawyer? Contact Charlotte Viener and Associates. They offer legal services in nearly all aspects of immigration law. Call at 877-581-5051 to schedule an appointment.

Document storage in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA
TRI-STATE @rchives will help you prepare your records for storage, bar code them for instantaneous, error-free identification.

Mailing Labels
Make business mailing easier with your own custom printed labels.

Exhibition Stand Design
Exhibition stand design & trade show display booth builders & exhibition contractors. Designing & developing promotional expo stands for clients attending trade fairs & events. Creative design ideas & innovative exposition equipment - promoting your company’s products & services when exhibiting at tradeshows & public events across Europe & the UK. Economical promotional Hire & rental exhibition display kits available events.

Link Building India
Sharpize Solutions provides link building services & SEO project strategy implementation & management. Affordable rates. Fast service. Remarkable results. Learn more.

FHA home loan
Looking for Commercial Mortgage Broker, reverse mortgage, hotel loans, jumbo mortgage, New York, 203k loan, FHA loan, SBA Loan, multifamily loan, start here at Great Northern Mortgage, Corp. for all your mortgage needs.

Bookkeeping Services
Thinks about it as lion taming... there are people you can hire to do it for you! Providing outsourced online bookkeeping and accounting services to small and mid-size fast growing businesses.


... when you simply know more



Whether you are a translator yourself or a professional in Spamalot's key specializations, you will require some resources.  If you have business concerns other than just your translations, check out the following links for your small or big business.


Solent University offers a selection of LLB Law Degree Courses
LLB Law Degree Courses at Solent Uni prepare graduates for a wide range of careers in the legal profession incl. solicitor, barrister, para-legal work.

Visit to find out about the most effective anti-DDoS system in the world.

PTLLS training
Or get the license to teach others, get professionally certified in nearly any field... Get Licensed offers teachers training course City and Guilds 7303 PTLLS award also known as Preparing to teach in the life long learning sector.

Learning Platform
Before you become that global giant, an investment in education is a safe bet... The RM Kaleidos® Learning Platform is made up of a number of products and services that together form RM's learning platform or Managed Learning Environment door play in the early years, environmental education, expeditions, field trips, and so on.

Consider Performing Arts Degree Courses at Solent University
On performing Arts Degree Courses at Southampton University you will develop and hone your acting, singing, dancing, writing and directing skills on stage and screen.

Heavy Equipment School
High Velocity Equipment Training is a reputed heavy equipment school that offer jobsite training. Their 12 week course covers basic heavy equipment safety training and basic to advanced operational techniques.

OSHA required training classes
Get OSHA required training and VPP help at Lancaster Safety Consulting where they provide occupational health and safety management services through OSHA training classes.

Team Building Ideas
Team Building ideas, activities and events by Corplearning. Visit Us Now! For your corporate strategy, performance and leadership improvement. Great resource for thinking outside the box.

Crane Operator School
Just one short click away from building ideas to construction of buildings... Start your new career as a heavy equipment operator by learning with ATS Equipment School!

CDL Training
As a career alternative, you might also want to try Truck School! Visit our website to find out how Diesel Truck Driving School can help you obtain your class A CDL licensed and the job of your dreams.

Server School
Daily articles on the basics of server technology and tips for choosing the right web server along with free recommendations and help. Reading up on what really matters is a good idea for a start ...

Cisco Certification Training
Network Learning Institute is a leading provider of professional-grade network and IT training in the Philadelphia, PA region. Our high impact IT training programs will set you on the path to achieving your goals. Call 877-564-6454 Network Learning Institute... in the next step, make a career of it!

Link Building Services offer one way link building and organic SEO Services in India.


for knowledge based ideas

knowledge is comfort

find anythingfor legal researchscience and business informationto make a decisionpass the testof life


Other Language Links

Sometimes business requires multi-language translations of the same text into more than one target language. Multi-lingual translations without paying upper end prices of Spamalot's bigger competitors. Another aspect is learning languages. Sometimes for professional and sometimes for personal reasons it is a good idea to communicate in another language. That's what these resources are for, use them to network your translations or to find access to learning.


French language guide, the right site to learn French language.

Professional Spanish Translations
As its name suggests the place to go for your Spanish language translation work.  Spamalot-like only in Spanish, what Spamalot doesn't speak. I believe they also had knights and round tables there.

Spanish Translation Services
BB Spanish offers accurate and timely Spanish translation services... in all Spanish language variants! And full service for localization and graphic design too... always helps to look good at the round table in my opinion.

Spanish Phrases
And a few nice and adept things to say in Spanish won't hurt either... Spanish Phrases that can used in many real-life situations

Study Abroad Italy
Our study abroad program in Italy includes housing, health insurance, cultural events and more. And also more countries in Europe where studying abroad might be interesting. A fan of Italy herself, Spamalot strongly recommends that your children learn Italian in Italy. Maybe I will see you in Sicily.

Thai Interpreter
Thai language interpreters at Link Translations provide comprehensive Thai interpretation service. They are with the Bar Association, you can trust them!

Chinese Translation
BB Mandarin offers professional Chinese translation services including Mandarin, Cantonese and other Chinese varieties.
Spamalot does not speak any Japanese. You might as well learn it. Go here and get free lessons in Japanese, plus a really nice T-Shirt.

in far away places

Individual Links

These links are relevant for Spamalot.  We have something in common is why you are here. If you made a connection that doesn't really fit in or has not to do with Spamalot Translation Services, the following links will be of interest.

If you are looking for an apartment, especially when relocating nationally or internationally, it is hard to get a concept of what "normal" is in the local real estate market. Let my friend Jo help you check out the place and let him handle the landlords, sellers, buyers, realtors, contracts, insurance and your inevitable language problem. He is not only operating in the southern German region, he is from there and understands (Spamalot has no specialization in southern German accents).  After Jo figured out the local accent, he checks the contract with you. Then do come back to Spamalot Translation Services for a quick translation into English or if you are the seller or landlord, we can do it the other way around.

Should you be ready to trade in your coconuts for a real horse, get the skimmy on how to keep horses, learn to ride, check out what horses look like on this site.  It is a very cute community site for horseman- and horse womanhood.   I believe they also have a round table...

Spamalot - The Broadway Show
You thought you knew the name somehow, couldn't quite put it all together because of the stressful project you have. Get rid of the project, let Spamalot do it.  Yet you keep thinking about the knights of the round table....

Weight Loss Spa
The project was too much stress after all and you need a vacation to come back to your feet and do your body some good... Southern California is nice, go to this spa and return to earth! Lose weight and transform your body quickly and easily in luxurious accommodations. Your spa experience is customized to your unique body type and chemistry in order to maximize your weight loss.

The Grouse Grind
Why Vancouver has a special place in Spamalot's heart.  If you make it up the mountain in less than an hour, you have to e-mail me a beer.

The Windows Club Forum
After you e-mailed Spamalot the beer, you'll need an online support group for your possible hard- or software problems.



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