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Samples, Spamples


Sometimes there needs to be a sample for a translation or an adaptation to see if the style works.

For your next project with Spamalot view some samples in the following translation categories:

Finance, Insurance & Taxes
Law & Public Administration
Software & Websites
Technology & Engineering


Finance, Insurance & Taxes

Insurance: Terms of Insurance (German to English)

Markets: Swiss Banking Secret (German to English)

Stocks: Offering Circular (English to German)

Commerce: Business Plan (German to English)

Auditing: Audit Reports (English to German)

Reporting: Consolidated Financial Statements (German to English)



Law & Public Administration

Bank: Global Assignment (German to English)

Corporate: General Terms and Conditions (German to English)

Contracts: Lease Agreement (German to English)

Regulatory: EU Tax Identification System (German to English)

Private Agreements: Testament and Last Will (English to German)



Software & Websites

Sales and Distribution: Software Presentation (English to German)

Forex: (German proofreading + translation to English)

Industry: (English to German)

Online Directory: (English to German)



Technology & Engineering

Process Technology: Nuclear Power Plant (German to English)

IT Engineering: Operating Standards (German to English)

Mechanical Engineering: Manufacturer Specifications (English to German)

Manufacturing: User Manual (English to German)




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