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Translations are like writing, only someone else had the idea and would like to express it in another language. It is therefore important that your translator has expertise and qualifications in the field you are writing about. As your translator, Spamalot is specialized in the following translation fields:

  • law & economics
  • finance & business
  • mechanical & structural engineering 
  • websites & IT
  • regulatory & administrative procedures
ideas in politics, law, publishing, art

Writing is not only about ideas, it is also about craftsmanship. To bring together all the parts for your text, database, presentation or website you need to have the idea and Spamalot to develop and implement the document solution.

Your data management is out of hand or you can’t cope with the size of the file? Spamalot will provide a translation, fix your format, create databases, presentations or websites.  Spamalot also helps you make editorial changes to your text in translation, if you want to. Because writing is a craft and should be the product of a person, for a person had the original thought.

All documents undergo close inspection after Spamalot generates them, so you can be sure there will not be any snafu to ruin the look of your document, translation, database or presentation. Quality of writing shows in its craftsmanship. You are the one with the idea and Spamalot is the one with the translation - those are two different processes.  If you feel you want to improve your original language text and then have it translated, Spamalot can do that for you. 

Client Care, Feedback & Confidentiality

It is Spamalot’s policy that that you may freely discuss matters of style. Especially fiction and adaptations are driven by the passion of writers and translators. We will be in touch about your project. Even after completion Spamalot will be available for questions and alternatives or explanations where desired.  Spamalot is responsible for the generated work and is in contact with clients before, during and after the project.

Don’t know how to go about a project? Let Spamalot draft you a plan for your large project. This way, you can understand Spamalot’s work and know about the progress. It’s all too much sometimes, especially with high demands from publishing, advertising and media industries. Taking the pressure off with a plan for your publication, ad campaign or other large project is Spamalot’s craftsmanship.  You are the one with the idea.

Your idea stays your idea. Spamalot observes all confidentiality and copyright regulation. For legal and financial work, or any other where it is relevant, Spamalot will gladly sign a confidentiality agreement. So you can stay in business with Spamalot for your project.

Spamalot provides high-quality, low-cost legal and business translations in
German and English + writing and document services.

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